Sigma Buster 800 & RL 150 Lightset

Bright light on dark trails! The Buster 800 headlight means that nothing is keeping you from nocturnal adventures. With 800 lumens providing 170 metres (557 feet) of range - sufficient power even on dark forest trails.

With the BUSTER RL 150 rear light, no one is guaranteed to miss you! The brightest rear light from SIGMA offers maximum visibility, with 150 lumens and a visibility range of 2000 metres, everyone can see you. The practical brake light function warns others when you have to hit the brakes.

Key Features (Buster 800 Headlight)
• Beam range: 170 m (Basis ANSI Nema FL1)
• Run time: 2 h in High mode, 2.5 h in Mid mode, 5 h in Low mode, 16 h in Eco mode, 5 h in Night flashing mode, 50 h in Day flashing mode
• Maximum light output: 800 lumens
• Charge time: 4 h
• Charge indicator: five-stage charge indicator, six-stage battery indicator
• Integrated charge function: charging possible during operation, USB-C charge function
• Five lighting modes: high (800 lm), mid (400 lm), low (150 lm), night flashing (600/200 lm), day flashing (200 lm)
• Light battery status: short button press shows the battery status
• Mode: five pre-set mode profiles, mode memory function
• Lighting type: CREE LED
• Side visibility: light guide for excellent side visibility
• Splash resistant in accordance with IPX4
• Tool-free mounting
• Switch on protection: double click for ON
• Weight: 150 g (incl. bracket)

Key Features (Buster RL 150)
• Maximum light output: 150 lumens
• Visibility range: 2000 m
• Five modes: High (40 lm), Low (5 lm), Day flashing (150 lm), Night flashing (25 lm), Eco flashing (5 lm)
• Run time: 4 h in High mode, 20 h in Low mode, 6 h in Day flashing mode, = 7 h in Night flashing mode, 20 h in Eco flashing mode
• Charge time: 3 h
• Three-stage battery indicator
• USB-C charge function
• Short button press shows the battery status
• Splash resistant in accordance with IPX4
• Tool-free mounting with flexible silicone mount
• 280° wide angle optics
• Weight: 38g (including bracket)

What's included
• Buster 800 & Buster RL 150 lights
• USB-C cable
• Front mount
• Silicone mount

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