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Question What is the difference between an intelligent charger and a trickle charger?

Answer A trickle charger will give a constant small charge as long as it is connected, whereas the intelligent chargers will charge until the battery is at its optimum and then go into standby mode until a voltage drop is noticed. On detecting a voltage drop the charger will kick back in and start charging again.
Oximiser 600/601 – trickle Oximiser 900/3X – intelligent

Question What voltage and capacity of batteries can the chargers be used on?

Oximiser 3X -12v batteries & up to 125ah capacity
Oximiser 900 -12v batteries & up to 30ah capacity
Oximiser 600/601 - 12v batteries & up to 30ah capacity
Maximiser - 12 v batteries & up to 110ah capacity

Question Can the permanent connection leads/crocodile clips be purchased separately?

Answer Yes, they can be ordered through your local Oxford dealer, please see our website for dealer information in your area – “Where to Buy”. The codes needed to order the parts are: OF703 - permanent connection lead OF702 - crocodile clips

Question Are your battery chargers ok to use on a motorcycle that has a canbus system?

Answer Regarding all our battery chargers, if you use the fitting kit we provide (the ring lead attachment) then it does not matter what system the motorcycle uses for electronics, our chargers will work fine as they connect directly to the battery. The systems on the motorcycle (e.g Canbus) only have any effect if you use their sockets and not the ones we provide.
The Oximiser 600/601 models should work fine with canbus systems as they provide a constant trickle charge current through the accessory/power socket.

Question Does the Solariser battery charger drain the battery once the light fades?

Answer The charger has a blocking diode to ensure it will not drain the battery when the light fades.

Question Can your chargers be used on a lithium battery?

Answer The Oximiser 3X can be used on lithium batteries, however all our other chargers have not been tested to be used on lithium batteries.

Question What fuses are needed for your chargers?

Answer Oximisers 600/601/900 – 1 or 2 amp glass fuse
Oximiser 3X/Maximiser – 5 amp blade fuse

Question The tape on my motorcycle cover is peeling away, can you recommend a glue I can use to fix it?

Answer Our advice would be to go to an outdoor/camping retailer and speak to an advisor there to recommend the best quality tent glue for this purpose.

Question Will your motorcycle covers fit my motorcycle?

Answer As all our motorcycle covers are universal, we would recommend that you measure your motorcycle and compare it to the measurements on our sizing chart which is available here.

Question Can the current V8 switch be used with all older models of the HotGrips™?

Answer Yes, the V8 switch will replace all your old wiring, you need to remove all the old loom and just leave the grips in place. The V8 will plug straight into the grips and wire direct to the battery.

Question Are there any tests that can be carried out should one of my HotGrips™ fail to heat?

Answer Yes, there is a simple test that can be carried out should one grip fail to heat. Firstly, take the connector from the working grip and swap on to the grip that is not heating. Should the grip now heat up, this will tell you that the fault lies with the connection to the grip rather than the grip itself.

Question  Can the grips for the HotGrips™ be purchased separately?

Answer Yes, the grips can be purchased separately from your local Oxford dealer. You will need to know the model of HotGrips™ to ensure you order the correct grip pattern. You can see all the models available on our website.

Question Can the HotGrips™ be wired via a relay like the ignition?

Answer We advise that the HotGrips™ are wired direct to the motorcycle’s battery as per the instructions. However, if you wish to wire via a relay then it is possible. For advice on wiring the HotGrips™ through a relay, please contact the motorcycle manufacturer or your dealer.

Question I’ve purchased a set of Oxford Premium Sports HotGrips™ to install on my 2016 KTM RC390, but need to work out what to do with a significant length of unused wires. As my battery is in-front of my tank, I have not needed to use even half the length of wires supplied, and finding a place to store so much unused wire is awkward to say the least. Is shortening the wires myself a reasonable proposition?

Answer Yes, there is a simple solution for someone with a different layout like this. The HotGrips™ come with a 1.5m lead which connect to the battery at one end and to the HotGrips™ wiring loom at the other. It is 1.5m so as to provide enough wiring length to fit to all manner of motorcycles. You can purchase a 0.5m battery connection lead (code OF703), which is normally used for Oxford battery optimisers but it is necessary to change the fuse to a 5 amp rating.

Question I don’t have a dealer stamp on my warranty card can I still send it into you?

Answer Yes you can as long as you send in a copy of your proof of purchase.

Question Where can I purchase Oxford products?

Answer Use our “Where to Buy” page and input your postcode to find a list of dealers in your area.