Highest quality standards have a long tradition at ACROS, as the daughter company of a renowned manufacturer of roller bearings, there is no better quality bearing than those in an Acros component. The vast majority of Acros products are manufactured in their headquarters in Renningen (near Stuggart), which allows for loads of innovative great products, and guarantees the supreme quality that is expected with an Acros component. The Acros range includes items such as wheels, headsets and even stem caps in addition to many more.

More than 15 years of experience flow into the development and manufacturing process of their bike components. The production is kept in-house creating a flexible, prompt and effective procedure, and also makes it possible to implement fresh and innovative ideas directly.

As dedicated bike enthusiasts they prefer to sit in the saddle rather than behind their desks. Schwabenländle a local grid serves as a second home for Acros. Used for numerous practical and experience tests, and as stimulation for their passion for bikes.


ACROS is used and trusted by many athletes from around the world.