Design & Engineering

Products are designed in-house by a team of active enthusiasts and skilled technicians. They use the latest CAD technology and 3D printing techniques to innovate, analyse, test and develop the range in pursuit of the best product experience for their customers. 

In addition to OXFORD branded products, the company uses its expertise to design and produce for numerous other labels around the world. Like many of its products which have wider appeal in other outdoor-based markets, this activity is not restricted to the two-wheeled industry. 

At its heart, Oxford is a products company – Oxford Products!

Design Development Process:

The team develops the products in-house, increasingly through the use of Computer Aided Design. In order to maximise the benefits of CAD, the company has invested in the latest 3D print technology.

This means that a product or component designed today can be printed off overnight and tested tomorrow. The day after, our factory can be making the moulds and production can begin shortly after. In this way, product development time is dramatically reduced and the end result far more relevant and ambitious.

Scroll through the carousel below to see a typical design cycle for an Oxford product…

Product Testing:

Our products are rigorously tested for both real-world usability and relevant product standards in our test laboratory.
Having this facility in-house enables us to develop products whihc are measurably better, fater. Some of our key testing equipment is outlined below.

Oxford Design, Research & Development Centre

At the end of March 2022, Oxford opened this new facility, just a few hundred metres from its main campus, to support the continued growth of its product development. The building contains the people and the infrastructure which support every aspect of the products’ life cycles; from range planning and product conception, through the design, test and development process to the many go-to-market activities which result in an end product in shops up and down the country.