G Form

If you are looking for industry leading mountain bike protection, look no further than G-Form’s wide range of body protection designed to fit any and all mountain bikers. Established in Rhode Island, USA in 2010, G-Form's revolutionary technology is designed to provide cyclists superior protection without hindering movement. Available in multiple sizes and colours, utilizing SmartFlex™ Technology, which allows for uninhibited freedom of motion and delivers the ultimate fit for every off-road adventure.

G-Form’s SmartFlex™ technology absorbs impact while traditional hard-shell solutions are designed to disperse impact force. Which is why you will feel less impact when you're wearing G-Form protection. SmartFlex™ pads stay soft and only harden on impact. And unlike other bike protective gear, G-Form's patented technology ensures that your padding remains moisture-free and lightweight.

A new technological breakthrough from G-Form is the creation of the world’s first 100% recyclable and fully biodegradable body armour. Powered by RE ZRO® technology, an advanced sustainable solution delivering fully biodegradable and recyclable protective pads. Impact protection made better.