SINCE 1969

TAYA inherited the bicycle and motorcycle chain division from the Japanese company, Tsubaki. For over fifty years we have continued to improve and develop our products throughout the whole manufacturing process, from production line to quality control.


TAYA Chain reinvests 10% of its annual revenue in upgrading research, development and quality control. We promise to continue this investment.

We believe that high-quality products keep our customers happy. By investing in development, we are able to continue to bring superior products to the bicycle industry. Our safety standards always meet the latest international requirements, and with over 100 patents worldwide and our exclusive GST anti-rust treatment, we show our commitment to quality and innovation.

The TAYA Group’s focus on research and development has led to receiving no fewer than 9 overseas awards in 10 years. Our aim is to create products pleasing and practical to the end user.

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