Sigma BC 5.0 Cycle Computer Wireless ATS

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The BC 5.0 is the low-cost gateway to the world of SIGMA ORIGINALS. For commuters, recreational riders, and even children, its five functions reliably deliver the most important data, such as speed and trip distance. It is intuitive, compact, and extremely easy to use - a bike computer for anyone!

The wireless (WL) encoded transmission SIGMA has developed eliminates the need for cables. A wireless transmitter attached to the fork continuously sends bicycle speed data to the BC 5.0 WL's receiver.

Key Features
• Automatic start / stop with a time limit of 1 hours
• ATS coded wireless transmission - up to 70 cm range between transmitter and bike computer
• Functions displayed with icons
• Programmable based on tyre selection
• 27 x 35 mm display has plenty of room to display your current speed continuously while keeping other important functions easily visible too
• Mount the handlebar bracket and the speed transmitter to your bike with the cable ties (included). Quick to mount, quick to remove.
• 1 x CR 2032 is sufficient to supply your BC 5.0 with energy for well over two years
• Water-resistant and weatherproof and always reliable for your daily routine

• Speed
• Distance
• Total distance
• Ride time
• Clock (12/24 hrs)

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