Road CC Reviewed: UltraTorch Headlight CL500

Road CC Reviewed: UltraTorch Headlight CL500

Monday, 6 February 2023

Oxford UltraTorch Headlight CL500.

Steve Williams Thu, Jan 26, 2023-
The Oxford UltraTorch Headlight CL500 is bright enough to see by in the darkest of lanes, outperforms its claimed run-times and can run for many hours in its dimmer settings. It's well made and easy to use – it's very impressive for the price. For other and more powerful options, check out our guide to the best front bike lights
The price of £37.99 is bang on against similarly-powerful competition...
The Oxford does well by keeping its niggles easy to manage – for instance, the run-time indicator might be a bit vague, but it runs longer than claimed anyway.

... It's extremely usable, both for getting yourself seen without constantly having to recharge, and for reliably seeing by on all but the fastest of road rides in the dark.
Good build, reliable performance and longer-than-claimed run-times – a great budget option
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