R Series Lifetime Luggage

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Oxford’s Lifetime Luggage is the jewel in its crown, benefitting from 20 years of passionate development since its launch in 1997.

Most bags look roughly the same from the outside, differentiated only by the styling, number of pockets and a few handy features. The difference between a good bag and a GREAT bag is what you don’t see at first glance; the material composition, construction methods, waterproofing systems, safety mechanisms, tried and tested componentry and built-in real-world usability.

You don’t need to know that Oxford’s test laboratory has specified, amongst other things: flag-stitched stress points; taped waterproof liners; innovative and over-engineered security straps; tough outer materials to battle the elements; soft touch-point materials to protect your bike; bright interiors for better content visibility; self-healing zippers; comprehensive user guidelines. You’ll carry on not needing to know for years and years… which is why Oxford Lifetime Luggage comes with an unparalleled Lifetime Guarantee.

View our range of Race inspired, R-Series Lifetime Luggage below or find out more by visiting our dedicated Luggage webiste: www.oxfordluggage.com

Show 24 / 48 / 72 / 96 per page