Oxford Beast Anchor

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Some say that size doesn't matter. When it comes to locks, it matters! The Oxford BEAST is so big it comes with a health warning on the box: WARNING - HEAVY! The lock alone weighs 3.6KG, the chain 12KG - 15.5KG!

To put this into context:

  • The BEAST has a 30mm locking pin. Our next biggest is 16mm and that one is approved to the 4 highest international security standards!

  • The BEAST lock body has a 90mm girth (the same as a pint glass) and all of it solid steel.

  • The 22mm hardened steel chain links each weigh the same as a bag of sugar.

  • The chain comes in two different lengths 1.5M or 2M.

  • The Beast anchor is Oxfords strongest anchor weighing in at 4KG.

  • This Beast lock/chain/anchor has undergone rigorous independent testing and has Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond. There is no higher Sold Secure accolade

    Key Features
  • Oxfords strongest ever chain

  • Resists angle grinder attack

  • 22mm Beast chain compatible

  • 4KG

  • Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond

  • Fits all Oxford chain and locks

  • All fittings and instructions included

  • Find out more about our Security range by exploring our dedicated website:

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