Oxford Courier Muffs

Oxford Courier Muffs are a game changer for professional riders. Used on their own, they offer exceptional protection against the elements as well as being supremely practical, easy to use and simple to fit.

They boast a tough neoprene construction with waterproof bonded seams and the pre-formed opening is protected by a rain shield & pull-cord gaiter. Fitting is quick, simple and tool-free with elasticated mirror tie downs.

However, their stand-out feature is that they are 'CLIC GRIP ready'. 'CLIC GRIP' is Oxford's unique (patent-pending) mechanism by which Oxford Courier Muffs can be attached to Oxford Courier HotGrips®.

It uses a secure but frictionless interface between muffs and grips, enabling the throttle grip to rotate freely, reducing wear and significantly extending the life of the grips.

Key Features
• Tough neoprene construction with waterproof bonded seams - full weather protection keeps hands warm and dry
• Quick, secure, tool-free fitment options: CLIC GRIP™ (included) or bar end (sold separately)
• Thermal fur/fleece lining for extra warmth
• Pre-formed opening for ease of access
• Weatherproof cuff with rain shield & pull-cord gaiter
• Elasticated mirror tie downs
• Protects against rain, UV and wind chill

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