Oxford Mint Helmet Sanitiser Foam 200ml

It's as important to keep your kit clean and smelling good as your bike. Oxford's range of Mint kit care products allow you to do just that. So both you and your bike can be 'Best in Show'.

The build-up of dirt in the lining of your helmet is invisible for the most-part. The formulation in Mint Helmet Sanitiser is specifically designed to clean and safely sanitise the interior fabric so that you have a nicer experience every time to put it on. It can also be used on boots, gloves and other clothing items that are worn for extended periods. Refreshes and sanitises in one operation.

Available in 100ml & 200ml.

Keep your kit in Mint condition.

Key Features
• Great for internal helmet linings, gloves, boots and shoes
• Biodegradable
• Not tested on animals

How To
1. Liberally apply to all surfaces needing treatment
2. Work into corners and folds with a clean microfibre cloth
3. Wipe away excess and allow to dry at room temperature
4. Repeat on a regular basis

"It is certainly effective, and, for the price, has made cycling a more pleasant experience." - Seven Day Cyclist
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