Oxford Mint Bike Wash 1 ltr (to be ordered in boxes of 10)

An all-purpose cleaner specially formulated to remove dirt and grime quickly, resulting in a bright and clean finish to your bike.

Mint Bike Wash is a high-performance, biodegradable formulation in a 1l bottle with a foaming trigger, which enables good disbursement of the cleaner for easy and gentle removal of dirt and grime. It is safe on paintwork, metal surfaces, plastics, rubber and carbon fibre and leaves a non-streaky finish.

It of course features a clean, mint scent.

Refill your reusable 1l spray bottle from the 5l Mint Bike Wash container - good for the environment and more economical!

The cleaning power your pride and joy deserves.

Key Features
• High performance biodegradable formulation
• Foaming trigger enables easy and gentle removal of dirt and grime
• Bottle can be fitted directly onto most popular pressure washers
• Bike Wash Snow Foams when used with a pressure washer lance
• Safe on paintwork, metal surfaces, plastics, rubber and carbon fibre
• Leaves a bright and clean finish
• Mint scented
• Biodegradable
• Not tested on animals
• Available in 1 litre and 5 litre bottles.

Great For
• Paintwork
• Engine casings
• Metal work
• Wheels
• Forks

Directions for Use
1. Rinse the bike thoroughly before applying Mint Bike Wash.
2. Spray on Mint Bike Wash and leave for a few minutes. Use an Oxford cleaning brush to ensure an even coverage. Agitate areas with heavy dirt deposits.
3. Rinse with clean water and then wipe with a lint free cloth until dry.


"Quick, easy, no fuss general-purpose bike wash that does the job at the right price, with 5-litre bulk top-up option available to reduce future costs. A proper cleaner and a worthy Best Buy." - RiDE Magazine, Best Buy winner
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"Oxford has managed to distill bike cleaning into the basics and nail it." - MCN
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"It foams up nicely and works well even on seriously grime-encrusted wheels and tyres" - BikeRadar, Best Bike Cleaner 2022
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"Let me show you how amazing the Oxford Mint Motorcycle Cleaning range is as we clean up my Africa Twin CRF1100L" - @ontheroadadventure
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