Oxford RIB Tube Restorer - 500ml

A powerful, deep cleaner that removes the dull and oxidized layers and restores RIB tubes to a new like condition. It works fast and with minimal physical effort.

Key Features
• Works on all types of Hypalon including fabric impression and carbon impression fabrics
• Also works fast to clean PVC materials (but also see our Fender & Plastic cleaner)
• Unlike other cleaners, there is no need to rinse off after application
• Solvents evaporate to leave no residual dust or streaks
• Restores other tired plastics, vinyls and rubber - hydrates the material to new like condition
• Biodegradable solvents
• One bottle is enough for cleaning a 4 meter RIB twice

To Use
• Wear thick chemical resistant gloves
• Use the Oxford Mint DeepClean disposable wipes with a small amount of restorer and rub into the surface
• Work in small areas at a time (1/2 mtr sq.)
• Dispose of cloth when saturated and replenish with a new cloth to ensure fresh areas of material are not contaminated with grime from other areas
• Safe around glued seams but don't let the restorer pool up on seams, wipe dry
• No need to wash off with water, just leave to air dry until the surface is no longer tacky

• Avoid painted logos as the solvents in this product will remove layers of paint
• Do not leave the cleaning cloth on the surface of the material being cleaned as damage could occur in time

Oxford and Rodella Ribs of Poole worked closely to establish technical criteria for both a RIB tube cleaner and RIB tube finishing products. Rodella Ribs are experts in their field, designing RIB tubes & inflatable products for the world's leading manufacturers and just like their clients, demand the highest standards. A variety of materials and finishes are used in RIB manufacture and each has its own challenges but with Rodella's experience and extensive testing, we have developed specific RIB products that both meet and exceed their expectations.


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