Oxford Hull and Deck Carnauba Wax UV Sealer - 400ml

Hull & Deck Carnauba Wax UV Sealer is for use on gel coat and hulls to protect and seal the surface.

Key Features
• Carnauba wax rich paste
• Carnauba wax is insoluble in water and when applied to the hull repels water and marine growth
• Long lasting shine and protection without hard rubbing and buffing
• Added UV protection additives reduce UV fading
• Suitable on painted surfaces and gel coat
• Easy to apply and buff off by hand or machine polisher

To Use
• Clean the surface to be polished
• Apply a small amount to a polishing applicator pad or microfiber cloth and apply to the surface in a circular motion
• Apply evenly across the surface... Less is more!
• Once the wax has dried, polish off with a clean cloth or polishing mop until no residue is left
• Two coats will give the best results
• Once applied, water will bead up and run off the surface

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