Endeavour Gilet Review - Road CC

Endeavour Gilet Review - Road CC

Monday, 21 June 2021

Oxford Endeavour Gilet Fluo

The Oxford Endeavour Gilet Fluo is described as a 'relaxed fit', but don't interpret this as meaning baggy, or just for commuters. The Endeavour is equally at home on a training run, and easy to pack in a jersey pocket.
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The cobalt grey panels are 'Nightbright 360', a retro-reflective that turns a brilliant white when graced by car or street lighting.
Retro-reflectives have long been a staple, but this is a definite notch better than generic offerings, and accentuated by sensible positioning.

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The front panel has a zippered breast pocket, which will swallow a wallet or long-zoom compact camera without indigestion.

You get a fleece collar with zippered garage to keep chills out and Oxford has gone for an elastic rather than silicone-gripper hem.

In detail: 


The thin, woven fabric allows it to stretch, so it doesn't bunch if you're layering up or wearing regular clothes. The snug fit ensures it doesn't flutter like a builder's tarp when it's blowing a gale.


Despite being thin (and therefore, very breathable) the fabric does a decent job of tempering unexpected gusts...I've worn ours in temperatures between 3 and 13°C... I was pleasantly surprised by its breathability at a steady 18-20mph and didn't feel any need to whip it off mid ride.


The very bright yellow is great for murky and overcast conditions, but I've also been pleasantly surprised at how conspicuous I've been while hustling along singletrack roads on bright days.


Organic grime has vanished without trace, and oily stuff has faded
almost completely.


The £34.99 price is very reasonable for the performance. The Oxford Endeavour bridges the gap between commuter and training gilet rather nicely.
Well-executed gilet with broader horizons than commuting.
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