Bike Radar Reviewed: Oxford UltraTorch CL1000

Bike Radar Reviewed: Oxford UltraTorch CL1000

Thursday, 18 November 2021

Oxford UltraTorch CL1000 front light review

Slimline torch-style light with USB power output
By Russell Burton (
Published: November 15, 2021 at 12:07 pm
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A light that punches above its price point in terms of quality and specification

The Oxford UltraTorch CL1000 is a compact light with a wide range of modes and well thought-out features that make it practical to use. It’s also very competitively priced.

The 1000 lumens output is plenty powerful enough for unlit country routes and the alloy body has a double-action button that allows you to cycle through the modes in both directions, which saves time considering there are eight mode options.

A battery indicator shows remaining run time in hours and an integral USB output is an on-the-go advantage because you can use the light as a power bank to charge other equipment, such as a GPS device.

However, while an IPX rating of 4 will withstand rain, it is the minimum I would recommend for UK riding.

The quality of the beam is good. Russell Burton / Immediate Media
I found the light quality very clean with a smooth graduation that illuminates the ground right up to the front wheel. Side lights give excellent safety visibility with no upward glare to distract the rider, too.

The one-piece bar bracket is solid, with a single Allen key fixing and a pivot hinge, which means you don’t lose the bottom half if you fumble when fitting it.

The light clicks firmly into place, but I did sometimes notice a slight rattle when riding, although it never actually felt loose.

There’s no lateral adjustment at the light mount, but the beam pattern is so wide I didn’t find this to be an issue.

Practicality is written through the design of this light, from the button that allows travel up and down through the modes to the clear LCD screen positioned on top that displays the remaining battery charge.
There is a USB port that allows the light to be used as a power bank. Russell Burton / Immediate Media

The USB output that allows it to be used as a power bank is situated next to the micro-USB charging port. It has a firm seal, but the location means the charging point is exposed to the elements if you use it while riding.

This is a light packed with useful features, and together with the reach and quality of its beam, it delivers excellent value for money.

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