Oxford Narrowboat Mildew Block - 150ml

Mildew Block is a safe combination of anti-fungal herbicides in a highly effective automatic treatment which helps prevent black mould and mildew growth and leaves behind a fresh scent.

Key Features
• Ideal to use at the start or the end of the season
• One shot use and remedy for a swift action providing protection against mould
• Pleasantly perfumed and proven to kill the moulds and bacteria which typically breed in air conditioning systems causing unpleasant odours
• Proven effective at stopping mildew and damp odours in boats and caravans during humid seasons

To Use
• Use one can per 10 meters of boat length
• Simply place the can in a central position and press down the trigger on top of the can until it clicks into position
• Leave the boat ensuring doors and windows are closed while the can continues to emit the entire contents
• Leave for a few hours before re-entering the boat and ventilating
• The Mildew Block will now be coating many surfaces inside the boat and giving protection to prevent mildew spores from growing

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