Sigma BC 12.0 Cycle Computer Wireless STS

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This bike computer likes things sporty and varied: The BC 12.0 offers you twelve functions that give you an overview of your performance on two different bikes at all times. The speedometer also provides monthly performance statistics. It is a true SIGMA ORIGINAL with lots of sophisticated functions!

If you ride different bikes, you can easily use the BC 12.0 WL on your second bike, too. After setting it up once, you can select the bike you are currently using on your bike computer. For mounting on a second bike, you will need an additional bracket.

In the wireless (WL) version, the digitally coded STS radio protocol moves your data from the speed transmitter to your bike computer. This protects data perfectly while it is being transmitted to the BC 12.0 WL and eliminates external interference.

Key Features
• Automatic start/stop unlimited
• Programmable based on tyre selection
• Available languages: DE-EN-FR-IT-ES-NL-PL
• Service interval adjustable (by the retailer)
• Data retention when batteries are replaced (settings and total values)
• 12 months of workout statistics
• Automatic pairing
• Can be used for 2 bikes
• Low battery indicator - computer head
• Low battery indicator - transmitter
• STS coded wireless transmission - up to 90 cm range between transmitter and bike computer
• Automatic bike recognition (Bike 1 / Bike 2)
• 31 x 41 mm display provides room for large numbers that are very easy to read during a ride
• The smart bike computer is backlit, so you can read your values easily even when it is dark
• Displays current speed continuously, and you can select whatever second value you want
• Three buttons to operate: use the two lower buttons to conveniently toggle among the individual functions, while the menu button takes you right to your settings and monthly statistics
• The BC 12.0 WL's bracket & speed sensor can be quickly mounted on the handlebars or stem with cable ties (included)
• Easy to remove & re-attach
• 1 x CR 2450 battery supplies your BC 12.0 WL on all your rides for more than two years without being charged
• Water-resistant, so it can be used on your biking adventure regardless of the weather.

• Speed
• Avg speed
• Maximum speed
• Comparison of cur. / avg. speed
• Distance
• Total distance
• Ride time
• Total ride time
• Clock (12/24 hrs)
• Cadence (pair with cadence sensor - sold separately)
• Current temperature

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